To work with a charismatic and talented crew of cinematographers and photographers to create exceptional works of dynamic visual artistry full of action and special effects. My background: Whitewater river guide, video kayaker, rock climber, traveler, graphic designer, photographer, videographer and adventurer. I’ve studied in-studio and field video production techniques including live multicam directing/switching, control room operations, camera ops, and many aspects of pre- and post-production. Let me know what I can do for you!

I’ve worked with some incredible people, here’s what they have to say about me:

“The ultimate problem solver, no matter what’s thrown at her she always responds and delivers above and beyond expectations.”
Dr. John Roussell
Professor, CSU Chico

“No questions asked, she just always gets it done.”
Larry Nibert
Owner, WV Experience

“Amazing. Enthusiastic. A bright light. Truly one of a kind.”
Dean R. Gurr
Owner, Creative Imaging Center

“A rock star with the camera, and a ninja with graphics and editing.”
Ken Kruger
Manager, Video Department, ACE Adventure Resort

“Charlie’s a very sharp young woman and one of the best multi-camera directors I’ve ever had in my class.”
Dan Carter
Professor, CSU Chico

“Charlie is enthusiastic, organized, creative and an incredible multitasker!”
Carl Rosato
Owner, Woodleaf Farm

“A knack for vivid color and dynamic design. Will have you on the edge of your seat every time.”
Trish Morgan
Manager, Creative Design Dept. ACE Adventure Resort

“Brilliant. You won’t be let down.”
Quinn Winchell
Professor, CSU Chico

“Critical thinker, deeply reflective, a great communicator.”
Melody Yeager
Professor, CSU Chico